How Can Silicon Valley Startups Overcome the Tech Talent Shortage?


In the early twentieth century, Silicon Valley has been the home to a vibrant, growing electronic industry as more high-tech companies get established across the Santa Clara Valley; it is an industry that began through experimentation and innovation in the fields of radio, television, telecommunication, military electronics and the likes.

But in spite of Silicon Valley being considered as the centre of technology universe, finding world-class talent is becoming a struggle for many companies in today’s competitive job market. It is even harder when you’re a startup competing with companies like Google and Facebook for software developers, engineers and other tech hires.

Not only that, other cities across the U.S. are already attracting some of the best and brightest tech talents that make recruiting software and engineering talent even harder to find that it has ever been. Especially today, every company is trying to transform itself into a tech company and more roles related to software engineering are spreading into retail, finance, and other industries as employers rely on automation, big data and mobile apps to deliver value to their consumers.

But is there really a shortfall of tech talents or could it be that companies are just exaggerating their concerns about this talent shortage in the US?

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