Where Do Digital Nomads Look for Work?

Crowded bus, train or metro rides, being stuck in traffic or looking for a parking spot can be really hectic. Did you ever think the WORLD could be your office? You could skip the commute, bring your laptop and charger, and work remotely from anywhere, wherever you are.

Remote work is booming, whether you’re working from home, a coworking space, your favourite coffee shop, or somewhere else entirely. Based on a detailed analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, there has been a 115% increase between 2005 and 2015 in the number of people telecommuting in the U.S. Up from 1.8 million in 2005, nine million U.S. employees, or 2.9% of the total U.S. workforce, work from home at least half of the time.

Working remotely is already a reality for so many people. There are now a lot more companies hiring remote workers (usually with tech skills) all over the world, doing all sorts of different jobs

If you think remote work is for you or if you’re just starting out and have no idea how to become a digital nomad. In order to help you find the remote job you love, here is a list of websites with hundreds of thousands of remote working jobs.

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High Paying Jobs: 10 Opportunities for People Without College Degrees

Higher education remains a privilege that is inaccessible to many as they can be prohibitively expensive. But getting a degree and graduating from college offers more opportunities than ever before, including higher pay potential, other employment opportunities and even longer life.

But for some people that do not have the time, the money and the opportunity to pursue a four-year degree, there is no need to worry as there are some career options that do pay well.

There are plenty of high-paying jobs out there that require only a two-year degree or even just a high school diploma. There are, however, some that may require additional on-the-job training depending on the specific position and company.

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Will Robots Take My Job?

In the past, there have been many illustrations and speculations of robots or AI “Artificial Intelligence” replacing workers to do a man’s job either as a factory worker, a garbage collector or even as a cab driver.

This concern over technological unemployment is hardly a recent phenomenon. Throughout history, technological progress has vastly shifted the composition of employment, from agriculture and the artisan shop to manufacturing and clerking, to service and management occupations.

Now, the rapid rate of technological and digital advance threatens human workers. And many people fear a jobless future and their anxiety is not unjustified as the world is constantly changing. But how close are we to losing our job with robots or these automated machines? Or is the concern over technological unemployment has it only been proven to be just exaggerated?

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