7 Big Mistakes When Recruiting on Facebook

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Do you market and recruit on Facebook for your business? How much time do you spend in a week searching for a candidate on Facebook?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than a billion user. The groups on Facebook that you can belong to can lead to many new connections. With that, it may seem that Facebook can be a good spot to find potential prospects for your business BUT it is better to get the RIGHT connections

With so many people on Facebook, getting the results you are looking for may still be a struggle. There may be things that you could be doing wrong and you may be unaware that you’re making them. So,  we did a research and came across 7 biggest mistakes when recruiting on Facebook. Here are the most common mistakes – and my take on them.

1. Lack of social presence

In the fast-paced digital world, people tend to move on quickly if something doesn’t interest them right away. It is important to create an image and catch the attention of your potential employees as a recruiter. To do that, you have to ensure that your social media presence has strong images and videos, interesting and informational content.  The following would help to generate more engagements on your page or profile.

There are different branding opportunities available on your social media pages that can give your potential employees a reason to stay engage and spend more time with your brand.

2. No recruiting strategy

Recruiting in social media can give countless of opportunities to make connections with a vast number of potential employees, but you need to have a strong and well-organized recruiting plan before you can go ahead and post your openings. What do you exactly want to achieve from social media?

3. No defined target audience

Having a well-defined target audience and determining the most appropriate route for your company is absolutely necessary to grow your social presence. Targeting your specific niche in social media will provide you more success in recruiting the right candidates. You need to also research your competition, consider the demographics of your target audience and take the time to analyze where they spend most of their time

Also, there are many young people waiting to enter the job market and social media platforms have some of the most intelligent targeting tools available, which recruiters and employers can utilize. Even though college students are a very important network, some recruiters fail to include them in their networking base.

Social media is a great tool for you to identify, attract and hire the very best fresh graduates. These young people can probably be the savviest when it comes to social media networking which can make them completely reachable, that could cut down on your recruiting cost.

4. Not enough time on building relationship

Social media can perhaps provide the most immediate new connections but taking the time to build your company brand and building relationship with your audience can attract the best employees.

5. Posting irrelevant content and not engaging

Some recruiters join social networks and make the mistake of blasting generic messages or sending unsolicited links to their entire audience base. This strategy can backfire often time, it would get people frustrated rather than get them interested in your company.

Spend time to interact with others and spend time tailoring messages to a group within the same profession and/or job category. By doing this, potential employees would not start to ignore you or worse, block you.

Again, building a lasting network of relationship will do more good than harm for your company brand.

6. Lack of training and/or guidance

If you’re only starting out with recruitment or if you’ve been recruiting for some time and yet feel that there is something missing, be sure to reach out for help. If you don’t feel that you are recruiting effectively through social media, taking formal classes and training can be of help.

If formal classes are not available, you can request sample company messages, profiles and search for dos and don’ts so you can make the most of the social media platforms for your recruitment.

7. Waiting for candidates to knock at the door

Most of the perfect employees usually have jobs already and are not actively looking for work and this is one of the biggest problems of businesses and recruiters. Proactively searching, sourcing and approaching candidates directly can be extremely effective.

As to my final thoughts, not realizing the time and resource that is needed to do recruitment on Facebook well is may be one of the biggest reasons some companies get disappointing results from their social media recruiting strategy.


Though the social media may offer recruiters and companies a vast number of candidates, job boards and/or job aggregators, which could provide the most relative result of finding the right candidates.

On the other hand, you can hire external social media experts to supplement both the skills and the resources shortages that might be holding you back. So don’t let your recruiting results on social media be affected by either a lack of skills or the right tools.


What do you think? Tell me what are your thoughts on social media recruiting? Please leave your comments below.


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  1. Fantastic reminder for us all. Will implement your tips immediately, costly mistakes too , sometimes hiring a dedicated sm manager is the better option for a business..yes.

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